Autodemont Solution, s.r.o.

„Our mission is to provide our customers and partners from various industrial fields such solutions which enable them to increase their performance and capitalize their investment.“

About us

Autodemont Solution is a team cooperating with customers on finding solutions to solve customer needs which can appeare in production, logistics, IT, services at various management levels in small or middle sized companies.

The team shares experience with process design procedures and putting the processes into the practise, with their continual improvement based on the PDCSA methodology and with the managing of small or middle sized companies at every periods of the company life cycle.

The core team is made by Marek Sedláček and Martin Macek, the extended team then by colleagues skilled in Production, Logistics, Quality, IT.

The team is able to solve customer needs based on target definitions to capitalize his investment.

How we work

For our customers we work with an appropriate effort especialy on customerś unique and often not repeated projetcs. Our work is usualy devided into these 10 steps:

1. Contact and a customerś need definition

2. Situation understanding

3. Start point definition

4. Realistic target definition

5. Plan, process and source approval

6. Organization and communication channel definition

7. Project team and work condition definition

8. Work on project, reporting, steering committee

9. Project target evaluation – good bills make good friends

10. Closing phase



We are able to help to our customers with some problems in their production e.g. to eliminate costs, wasting, off-standards or to increase flow rate and effectivity through fulfiling qualitative, quantitative, time and financial requirements.

Development and growth

We are able to help to our customers with their growth and development. We lay emphasis on a well done analysis of the current situation, the final status and target definition and its achievement due to the planned and done activities and steps.


We are able to help to our customers with activities which can be done with the interim approach which means to place an external manager into their companies for e.g. making some changes, managing a project or doing some job in a temporary way.


We are able to help to our customers with finding and making some fundamental change in their companies, where is necessary to apply crisis and restructuring management principles for a short or middle long time period.


We are able to help to our customers with their lack of production capacity through carry over the production as a subcontractor from the current prodution site, SOP in the future production site acc. the defined time plan, price, costs and requirements.


We are able to help to our customers with entering into the company via buying a share in the company, then we continue with the production and realize further growth and development of course after making some restructuring process which is needed.

Core team

Marek Sedláček

Co – founder of Autodemont Solution, s.r.o., he is a graduate of the Thomas Baťa University in Zlín, studying an MBA at the Technische Universität Wien and Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. He managed projects and served as a manager in industrial companies. He is target oriented. He is able to analyze and understand various problems, find and define their solutions as well as to achieve target values in a short or long term period.
(+420) 774 378 208


Martin Macek

Co – founder of Autodemont Solution, s.r.o., he is a graduate of the Technical University of Ostrava. He served as a controller and economist of several industrial companies. He is experienced in implementation of production and finance controlling, financial management and accounting, skilled in production and logistics. He is highly motivated, positive and target oriented. He has an analytical and quick orientation ability and he has also a systematic approach.
(+420) 606 274 733



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